Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The 161st reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED & borehole digging

I wrote the following email regarding the latest borehole being re-dug in our estate, but, these people still haven't 'struck' water and it's now over a week since the racket started, but, nothing, yet..... How many more days, weeks, months are we going to have to endure this ear-splitting noise?

Just this estate has at least 4 to 5 boreholes/wells, which is a real drain on our ground water system, yet, the various water bodies including the Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA), is least bothered about it. Why? Is it because their incompetence then, is 'advertised' to everybody, in providing water to all in Coast Province?

Also, nearly every private house/block of flats in this area (Kizingo), alone has, at least, one borehole or well.

Then, one of these wells, in my estate, is open to contaminants. That is, the people responsible have 'covered' it, but, with a grill! Other than a human, every other thing in the form of insects, dust, etc., can fall into it. So, how safe/clean, is the water from this well?

Raziya wrote on 08-Apr-08 11:19 AM:
As I write this, there is one of my 'allocated plot, developed' neighbours' re-sinking a borehole which seems to have quit producing water. Then, another neighbour has the radio/tape/CD, on so loud that it can be heard above the din of the borehole digging machine!

About the borehole - there is a regulation, especially for the island of Mombasa that the Council and the numerous water bodies should not allow these to be dug indiscriminately all over the place, and especially that one not allow to be dug within a kilometer's radius of an existing one.

But, NO ONE in the entire Coast Province is bothered to implement this. Why, you might ask? Because, first, our Coast Water (dis)Services Board (CWSB), since it's appearance on our horizon, has not been laying down the infrastructure for easing the severe water problems, here. So, how are people going to continue surviving without this commodity? People are really FED UP with them and take the law into their own hands by digging boreholes all over the place, aided and abetted by the council, CWSB and various other water bodies. It's a case of too many cooks spoil the broth!

I've let the MD of MOWASCO know about this borehole and considering it's now over a week that I did, and work is still going on, I've reached the conclusion that it's ok with them. In fact, CDF money was used to dig another borehole within meters of this place a couple of years ago, and surprisingly, there's a septic tank somewhere near it, too! I informed the authorities about this, too, to no avail.

There's is another borehole (whether it's still being used or not, I don't know), within the Kisauni MP, Joho's, residence who lives in another 'allocated developed plot' in our Municipal Estate and whose palatial house is right next to my block.

I could carry on and on, ad infinitum, but, suffice it to say that while we have all these things on paper, officialdom seems to lack the will to do anything. Therein lies our many problems of governance. By having a bloated cabinet, it's definitely NOT going to improve the Wananchi's lives. In fact, it's going to cost us much, much more:(

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