Sunday, April 20, 2008

Re: Religious and incessant other noise - at least the 5th reminder

I, and the rest of this neighbourhood (especially the ones who have great objection to noise in it's midst), have had our whole weekend engulfed by noise at all hours!

Last night, there was another function (wedding?), at the MWA Hall which was extremely loud and noisy. Two phone calls to the police hotline, while the officer answering assured me that he was sending somebody over, resulted in no reduction of the decibels. And very few of us could sleep before 11.00 pm! I sympathetically wonder what the condition of the patients at the two neighbourhood hospitals, was...? Not to mention the residents in the neighbourhood some of whom have the old, sick and little children among them. Do these selfish people ever give a thought to anyone besides themselves?

And as happens every day, the loud calls to prayer from the mosques (yes, one can hear them from all over town), started at around 5.00 am and then, we can also, like others, also hear the subsequent prayers led by these noisy and unfeeling Imams, too.

This behaviour of the various so-called 'leaders' of the various sects of Islam and Christianity, begs a question - do they really believe in a God, i.e. a Higher Authority? If they did and if they really are the followers of their respective Prophets (a.s. - peace be on all of them), is that how these used to hold their services? With scant regard for people, especially of a faith other than theirs? Especially the sick, old, very young, etc.?
And yet they shout from the rooftops about being kind and considerate to others.

Even as I write this, the neighbourhood small church calling itself 'Jesus victory temple', is obscuring every sound with it's ear-splitting service which has been going on since mid-morning and it's now after 1.00 pm! At the same time, the equally small neighbourhood mosque's Imam, is also leading his illegitimately loud prayers, there. Do these people think that God is deaf, Astaghfirullah? Or maybe, they are competing with each other as to who can be the loudest? Which means that they are not worshiping their Maker, but, it's now an ego problem and not a faith one.

Also, the noise that's emanating from the church is just noise as one cannot understand or hear a word of what he is scolding his congregation about. Did Jesus (pbuh), preach in that manner?

And about the Holy Prophet (pbuh), these ignorant Muslims should go back and read about his life and the Holy Qur'an with meaning. For nowhere and at no time did the Prophet par excellence, and not even his Blessed Companions, made nuisances of themselves by practicing their faith in the current manner of their so-called followers!

Oh, and it seems that regarding the noise, I will have to start doing what I'm doing about the water issues. Write 'reminders' everytime I suffer it's pollution and nothing is done about it by our 'too many cooks spoil the broth', kind of cabinet. They have yet to show us, their 'employers' how worthy they are in serving us, whose hard earned tax money goes to pay their equally bloated salaries and perks. In other words if they will earn their keep.....

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