Thursday, April 3, 2008

The 160th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

I got the following response to my 159th reminder, last week....

Protecting & Indemnity Kenya Ltd. wrote on 26-Mar-08 2:52 PM:

Dear Raziya.

40 years ago the population of Mombasa was merely 240,000 people, and we had no problems with water supply. Now we have 2.4million people and the water supply from the recognised sources is NIL. The water Department is still charging some of us KSh.700.- per month for the dry taps we have been having over the last three months. I now have to pay Ksh3500/- for 12,000 litres of bore-hole water delivered to us per month. It is not exactly an enviable situation, it is waste of time and money. We have seen the incompetence of Moi's government, and then Kibaki's government, so what is Raila going to bring to us?

Kind regards.
_ _ _

To the above, I would like to add that this recipient is lucky enough to be able to afford this huge expense of 3,500/- every month, yet, it's hurting him when our many 'water bodies' especially the CWSB which is supposed to be dealing with the infrastructure of water availability to the MOWASCO, which in turn is responsible for selling us (the residents), the precious water. What of the poor?!

It is so strange, that we keep getting the usual amount of phantom water bills (read above). It is heartening to note that I am note the only person receiving these phantom bills.

I would really be very happy (I'm sure that many others would also join me in this rejoicing), if the CWSB would be immediately disbanded NEVER to return! They are the major cause of many of our Coastal water scarcity problems and instead of solving our them, they are just eating into much needed funds for improving the infrastructure. This, as far as I and many other residents are concerned, they are NOT doing!!!

Now, to inform the residents of the many woes that I've had to go through since 1995 regarding name change and the contentious sewage issue....

Since my father's demise at the end of 1995, I've been trying to transfer (I'd been living with my parents, all along), the flat, power, water, telephone, etc., to my name as I am the one paying the bills since. The flat and KPLC did not give me much problems nor did they charge for this necessary change when I filled in the forms, and availed them of my father's death certificate.

But, trying to do the same with the telephone and water was a different issue. It seems that they wanted to disconnect/terminate the current account (my father's), and bureaucratically, 'reconnect' under my name thereby charging me quite a hefty sum. Telling them that it was just a transfer/'inherited', situation, was a complete exercise in futility!

Therefore, all these YEARS (over 12 years, in fact), my late father's name is what has been appearing on my phantom water bills. But, mercifully, I tried to make the present MD, Mr. Chitavi, who, I've persistently found to possess much better sense than his predecessors, understood the logic of this whole set up and started the ball rolling late last year by asking me to bring copies of all the required documents. This I did, but, despite his employees being given them to make the necessary changes, nothing was done, till, early this week.

One has to keep 'bugging' them, to get anything done, unfortunately!

The same goes for the contentious sewage charge. This, I've not been paying since it was begun last year and have had to write and visit MOWASCO umpteen numbers of times before it was finally also dealt with early this week.

It was very interesting to find that the Council charges for sewage to some people despite them not being connected to a sewage line, like in my case. So, what does our money guzzling and unaccountable council do with this extra cash? And how many other people out there don't know all these details but are still paying this other 'phantom' charge? Therefore, all of you residents, please investigate before agreeing to pay this.

We've also spent another waterless week, in the meantime.....

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