Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 7th reminder

I should have written this yesterday, while the racket from MWA Hall was in full swing over the lunch hours, but, due to various reasons, could not do so.

As mentioned in my last 'reminder' (6th), while the Imam at the neighbourhood mosque has reduced his noise a little, the same cannot be said of the Christians who meet every lunch hour/s at the MWA Hall during weekdays. The Pastor there, including his congregation seem to be totally impervious to their surroundings and/or the objections to their noise.

The noise starts at around 12.30 pm and carries on till nearly 2.00 pm and sometimes, in their 'enthusiasm', even longer!

Officialdom, must really set a clear guide as to how 'loud' a function can be without being nuisances to others around. Hasn't NEMA passed such a law about noise pollution sometime in 2005?

And if the MWA Hall committee wants to hire out to various noisy people and organizations, they should, then, be compelled to invest in upgrading their hall by making it sound-proof. This way, people can have as loud a function as they like, without getting on the nerves of others. After all, this is a residential area with two hospitals adjacent to this contentious hall.

So, until such time as such upgrading can be done, officialdom who allow and give permits for such functions should make sure that the organizers of these don't make a nuisance of themselves. Be it a religious meeting or a wedding, etc. That is, they should then be monitored and not left to their own devices after issuing those permits.

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