Saturday, April 5, 2008

Re: Noisy weddings, revisited... and persistent noisy events....

It is with great concern and irritation that I'm compelled to write over and over again regarding this noise issue.

Do the people concerned, starting with the NEMA, GoK, the police, etc., ever think of the effect that incessant noise of any kind has on the human psyche? If, they do, what are they doing about this type of pollution? Is it any wonder that we have a country mostly full of nincompoops who hear no evil, supposedly see no evil and then do absolutely NOTHING about anything?!

We in this neighbourhood (see below), have been inundated by noise since last evening. That carried on till nearly mid-night.

Then, since around 1.30 pm today, that hall has been 'hosting' another noisy function and despite having rung the wireless number (which costs me everytime I call), umpteen numbers of times and being told by the officer answering that he was sending somebody out, nothing was done about it. One wonders if these people crawl, walk or drive to where they are wanted! And these people have the temerity to tell me that I'm their 'employer'. Technically, all Kenyans are, but, they don't get equal 'service', unfortunately.

I'd also, first, tried calling the OCS (see below), but, when she answered, she said that she was in a meeting and hung up!

As far as this neighbourhood is concerned the cops are definitely aiding and abetting noise making. I wonder if this problem like all the others that I keep writing about will ever get solved......, in my lifetime?

CC - PPO, Provincial Police HQ, Msa
999 "
OCPD, Urban Police HQ, Msa
OCS, Central Police Stn., Msa

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