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Re: Religious and incessant other noise & Prayer time for our two principals

Yes, you're very right. These politicians quarrel about minor child like issues while the country literally 'burns'! And of course they don't care. Why should they? They get their untaxed and hiked up salaries. In fact, they should not be paid and be, instead, forced to join the IDPs at their camps for one week. Let's see what transpires, then.

Just now, my maid whom I'd given that printed email, below, to deliver, came back with it telling me that the guy had refused to accept it and added further that they would make more noise henceforth! Do these people even believe in a Creator? Let alone being supposed Muslims. I've sent her back to the house (another 'allocated' and questionable plot, by the Council), whose owner/s are the ones responsible for having built this contentious mosque in the first place.

It is on a road reserve and therefore grabbed. Yet, they have a title deed!!! How valid are such title deeds?


elijah Agevi wrote:


On Sat, April 12, :06 am, Raziya wrote:
Assalamu alaikum, again!   Yet, the question remains - WHY? Why and what do they derive out of making noise and disturbing others? What a sick lot we've become!  Maybe, they think that they are propagating their beliefs to one and all..., whether we're interested or not.....? In which case, they are still being an insult to the faith and the holy founder who would NEVER have approved of their methods, for the Holy Qur'an tells us to use the best arguments and polite and sweet words with reasoning to call people to the right path.  And their 'path' is definitely very obnoxious and very unattractive and to top it all, without any reason whatsoever!!!  That neighbourhood Imam was at it again, this morning, conducting his loud prayers as though the mosque was a huge building instead of the tiny one that it actually, is. They have no sense nor respect for others, it seems.  Is it any wonder either that the neighbourhood children (most of whom are so-called Muslims), are some of the worst behaving kids around?! They have no respect for others property and while the loud Adhan and prayer is going on in the mosque, they are either playing outside and/or messing around with other neighbours' property! What an example the adults are setting! They are not disciplined and principled and their offspring are also the same way, of course.  I'll be printing out this email and get it delivered to see if the guy/s will follow their horrible egos or what their faith requires of them..... I sometimes wonder if they are even educated enough to understand what they are reading about themselves.  Salaams, Razia.   Muneer Khandwalla wrote:      
Slmz! The Imam is just an employee and has no say in what  goes on in there! Mara, akiobject basi kwisha job. The mosque people are rich, connected and you'll never who they're related to . . . . . . . . in this land of ours, only the rich and connected have any rights to speak of, we are there to provide for them and their upkeep through our noses with the taxes we pay . . . . they remember us only in passing when they need us for our votes . . . . .  MM K 

On 4/11/08, Raziya wrote:
Wa'alaikum Salaam! 

Yes, I've noticed about the continuous weddings at the MWA Hall, but, mercifully as I write this, there's nothing of the sort going on there. But, then, we have a whole weekend, yet, and one never knows what will be happening the next two nights....! These people are some of the most selfish lot imaginable, I agree. Being Muslims, don't they know that weddings are first and foremost not supposed to be such lavish and showy affairs and dancing and music is also not allowed....., even if there are just women there. As I mentioned before, we Muslims have become some of the most despicable creatures on earth! They have the least regard for others and then they say that they are the followers of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). What irony! I wonder if they know much about their religion and what it stands for. They are an insult to our beloved Prophet (pbuh)!!!! I sent the letter below to the person in charge of the neighbourhood mosque, this morning before I left for Friday prayers, but, it seems to have had no effect on the Imam, there. I wonder if the guy has a brain with which he thinks and which he is required to do according to his faith?! These people have scant regard for anybody but themselves, unfortunately. And the authorities behave that they can't touch anybody who is making religious noises (despite there being laws to the contrary), as they are to do with worshiping. Another irony! Salaams, Razia. Muneer Khandwalla wrote:
Salamz now its April and wedding season - woe to anyone - who lives near a social hall like AgaKhan Sports, Womens', Muslim Womens', Kokni etc. . . . And woe to anyone who dares to object and because something is very odd, nothing happens if you complain, why? Don't people have a right to peace, calm and tranquility. Or just because someone's having a good day, everyone must join in whether they want to or not!  MM 

On 4/10/08, Raziya wrote:
Assalamu alaikum! 

Mosques or rather the Imams in them, everywhere in this country, seem to be hell-bent on competing with their Christian counterparts, in making as much noise as possible....., all in the name of worshiping our
First, the Muslims - We are not supposed to disturb others. This was the practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and so says the Holy Qur'an, too, which Muslims claim to follow. Other than giving the call to prayer, nothing else is supposed to be heard outside the mosque. Yet, these misguided Imams, lead prayers inside the mosque at such ear-splitting volumes that one would get the impression that he was leading the whole neighbourhood and further afield in prayers. This is NOT VALID, as during prayers, one is not even supposed to say them so loud that the person next to one can hear what one is reciting. Therefore, why should these Imams make pests of themselves and be so impervious to the disturbance they are causing to others who might be praying at home?  Second, the Christians - I was under the impression that they have only one day of official prayer in a week for them. While nobody is disputing their doing this more times, it's highly irritating and disturbing when they, like their Muslim counterparts, perform their services at ear-splitting volumes and that too with complete disregard to residential areas and hospitals in their neighbourhoods.  Third, lorries, tractors, etc - These are not supposed to be parked, revved and fixed within residential areas as it's against Municipal by-laws. Yet they do.  Promotional loud music - Our mobile telephony providers and others like minded sales people think nothing of adding to all the din around them by so-called promoting their products loudly to the public.  All this noise, is not supposed to be allowed, yet, it exists in our midst with the various authorities doing absolutely NOTHING about making our existence quieter and more bearable. Why?  

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