Friday, April 11, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise....

Mosques or rather the Imams in them, everywhere in this country, seem to be hell-bent on competing with their Christian counterparts, in making as much noise as possible....., all in the name of worshiping our Creator!

First, the Muslims - We are not supposed to disturb others. This was the practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and so says the Holy Qur'an, too, which Muslims claim to follow. Other than giving the call to prayer, nothing else is supposed to be heard outside the mosque. Yet, these misguided Imams, lead prayers inside the mosque at such ear-splitting volumes that one would get the impression that he was leading the whole neighbourhood and further afield in prayers. This is NOT VALID, as during prayers, one is not even supposed to say them so loud that the person next to one can hear what one is reciting. Therefore, why should these Imams make pests of themselves and be so impervious to the disturbance they are causing to others who might be praying at home?

Second, the Christians - I was under the impression that they have only one day of official prayer in a week for them. While nobody is disputing their doing this more times, it's highly irritating and disturbing when they, like their Muslim counterparts, perform their services at ear-splitting volumes and that too with complete disregard to residential areas and hospitals in their neighbourhoods.

Third, lorries, tractors, etc - These are not supposed to be parked, revved and fixed within residential areas as it's against Municipal by-laws. Yet they do.

Promotional loud music - Our mobile telephony providers and others like minded sales people think nothing of adding to all the din around them by so-called promoting their products loudly to the public.

All this noise, is not supposed to be allowed, yet, it exists in our midst with the various authorities doing absolutely NOTHING about making our existence quieter and more bearable. Why?

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