Saturday, April 5, 2008

Noisy weddings, revisited...

It seems to me that our police are more aiding and abetting noisy gatherings than enforcing the law, regarding them. They would only do this if it was an exclusive residential area like Karen or Nyali, while the rest can go jump in the lake or any sizable body of water like the Indian Ocean where the Coast Province is concerned!

Last night, there was yet another noisy function (most likely a wedding), taking place at the contentious MWA Hall which, unfortunately, in smack in the middle of a residential area and right next to one Hospital (Aga Khan) and within hearing distance of another, Pandya.

Ironically, when I rang the OCS of Central Police Stn., Mombasa, whose mobile number I happen to have, she answered the first time and promptly told me that, yes, she could even hear them as she was just near there (I figured, she was on patrol or something). That she would tell them to reduce the racket.

When, after nearly half an hour, no reduction in decibels had occurred, I called her, again, but, there was no reply. After a little while I did so, yet again, and this time she answered and what she told me really amazed me. I was told that she was the MC at this function and that she'd already told them to reduce the noise (which was not noticeable to me), and when I informed her of this fact, she told me to call 999 as she was MCing at this function!

She and most others know very well that our 999 numbers don't work (I told her this, but, there was no other suggestion forthcoming), and even if they did and if they bothered to take action, would it be effective once they (the patrolling cops), found out that officiating the function was none other than an OCS?

And have these organizers of these functions with the 'help' of the cops, started dictating to the neighbourhood which also includes the seriously sick at the hospitals, when they should sleep? Isn't this a gross violation of human rights? If these people want to hold noisy functions, shouldn't they be forced to hold them out of residential areas? It's like living near a night club, especially during weekends starting on Friday nights!

I'm dreading what else will keep me awake most of the night, tonight and tomorrow night, too..... We do not get any rest!


CC - PPO, Provincial Police HQ, Msa
999 "
OCPD, Urban Police HQ, Msa
OCS, Central Police Stn., Msa

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