Thursday, May 27, 2010

10th, 11th & 12th Outage...

Beginning at 4.45 am, we've been having constant outages till the

present time, i.e. 3.30 pm! How many more are still to come, only KPLC
can tell us .........., IF, they know!

Considering we had a very horrible maintenance within weeks of a
previous one equally nasty, these continuous outages are becoming highly
irritating and frustrating.

There seems to be something very suspicious going on at KPLC with
regards to the outages in Nyali. Whenever one asks for a reason, they
give a blanket word 'breakdown' as their excuse. Breakdown of what? Most
likely a breakdown of professionalism, accountability, ethics, etc. I
can not think of any other valid enough excuse for these people's

They are charging us more than enough every month is extremely hiked up
bills despite their supposed 26% 'reduction'. It is not good enough when
you consider the useless and unpredictable 'service' that they render.

I wish, and I'm sure many others do, too, that KPLC were not the only
power suppliers in this country!

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