Friday, May 21, 2010

An affordable roof.....

While there is a kind of building boom going on all over the country, it is highly unlikely that this will result in fewer slums.

First, all these houses coming up will be extremely expensive for the average Kenyan since the materials involved are expensive to come by.

Second, not all of these buildings have been officially, without payment of a hefty bribe, been passed by the respective local authority. Hardly any have environment friendly plans, e.g. where maximum use has been made of natural light. This would translate into using less electricity even during daytime. In fact, most buildings including houses have to use artificial light since they are not built with this in mind and plan.

Third, no thought has been given to the well being of children and where they would play. There are very few estates which provide a play area for children in this country while we have one of the biggest populations of children. They outnumber adults! Yet, our town planners give not a thought to this helpless majority.

Fourth, talking about the majority - they will not be able to afford the housing boom going on since it's beyond their financial reach.

Therefore, why doesn't the relevant Ministry and authorities, build pre-fabricated housing which is a lot cheaper, faster and does not take forever to put up? It is also environment friendly.

Now, to do this, of course, there has to be town planning involved which our 'officialdom' is very reluctant in doing. What with all the grabbing, not just of land but, money, too! There is no end to their selfishness.

In fact, pre-fabricated housing, etc., would put an end to piles of stones, sand and cement, etc., which gets in the way of pedestrians and other wayfarers, including vehicles.

Is anybody listening out there?

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Philippe Menkoue said...

Good suggestions.
If only the ruling class/ the establishment considered it...