Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Egyptian Ahmadis

It is with great regret that the 12 Egyptian Ahmadis who have been
arrested and jailed since over a month have still not been released.

Their only 'fault' it seems is that they are Ahmadi Muslims. Because, no
reason has been forthcoming as to their arrest and subsequent
incarceration. Why are they still in prison?

Which prison/s are they being held in? Are they all in one prison or in
different ones? For they are from all over the country.

Have they been allowed to hire a lawyer and is one allowed to visit them?

What about their families? Are the families allowed to visit them? Or
are they even aware of where their fathers, brothers, uncles, etc., are
being held? What condition are they in?

It is now over a month since they have been arrested and imprisoned,
yet, there is no news of their fate?

The community elders have tried to find out to no avail.

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