Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strange maintenance .......

Yesterday late afternoon about 5.45 pm, we in Nyali, suddenly had an

unwarranted outage. And the power was not restored till around 9.30 pm. Why?

The reason I am asking this question is that these people had a
'planned' maintenance outage on Sunday thereby messing up our off day.
While the advertisement said that it would return by 5.00 pm, it did
not! Instead, the whole of Sunday was spent with power going off and on
at least 5 times!! When it did not get back at the scheduled advertised
time, I rang up Mr. Mkomba who at first refused to answer the phone,
but, eventually, did. He told me that after this maintenance, there
would not be any more 'unplanned' outages in this area. In answer, I
told him that should there be one soon after (knowing them, it was
highly likely and I was proved right, yesterday), I would write this
email to all of my usual recipients, including a copy to him, of course.

Why did they have to choose Sunday to do their so-called maintenance?
And after having messed it up why does the power still keep going off
and on without warning? Why don't they answer their emergency phones?
Nor do their 'officials' answer theirs? Does not KPLC have any
professionalism left, anymore? They seem to be joining our growing
number of useless 'service' providers who just exist, but, do not really
accomplish anything much!

There was a time when it bothered KPLC, that their reputation was at
stake, but, not anymore, it seems. They seem to have become totally
impervious to criticisms, do not think that they have to answer to their
consumers and are beginning to practice impunity like many in our
so-called government.

They care less about all the damage they cause, including damage to the
country's economy and have no plausible explanation for all of these
outages. They behave like it is some kind of vital secret affecting the
country's security. In fact, their actions or rather non-action is
landing us in a number of security problems, i.e. danger, when it
happens at night, especially. Are they aiding crooks? And what about the
people who have disabilities and cannot see properly and who might fall,
etc., and get hurt, some badly? Have their thoughts ever turned in these

The only reason that I can think of for them not answering their phones
is because they have no answer for what is happening and when they
supposedly 'fix' something, it is a short fix, not destined to serve us
long time. Hence, the frequent outages, here.

Will this email warrant an answer from these people? I wonder.....

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