Sunday, May 16, 2010

4th, 5th & 6th outage

It has been a great novelty in our area of Nyali to have had no outages

till last night, since the last time I wrote - the 3rd outage. What
utter relief!

But, this does not mean that the whole of the north coast and other
Nyali areas further afield had this reprieve. They have continued to
have their outages.

Of course, it was too good to be true. For, at about 10.30 pm last
night, the lights suddenly went off and the surprising thing, this time
round was that when I rang one of the emergency numbers, it was quite
promptly answered. Also, the female there, had very ready information at
hand considering that I rang within minutes of the outage. She told me
that some power pole in Kisauni had caught fire and that the power would
be back within half an hour. This too was a novelty. The fact that not
only was the emergency number promptly picked up, but, she knew what I
was talking about and also gave me the reason and the approximate time
the power would be restored. Another relief!

But, comes daylight and the power went off, again, at around 9.30 am.
Another phone call, which again, got a prompt response and the guy at
the other end told me that they were fixing something around Kisauni and
it would be back. In fact, while I was talking to him, it came back. He
also mentioned that the outage last night was because of some problem at
Kipevu. Now, this is contradictory information as I was told that the
half hour outage last night was due to a power pole having caught fire.
Who was right?

Another novelty - he also told me that after about 2 hours when they
finished their work at that site, we would again, experience a few
minutes of outage when they restored supply everywhere.

True to their word, the power went off again, for about 5 minutes and
has been steady, since.

I hope and pray that the KPLC will continue to improve on their services
and be as quick and prompt when and if the power goes off. And we hope
that the remaining areas of Nyali and further afield will have the same
kind of experiences as us who are around Cinemax.

Of course, I'll continue counting....

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