Monday, May 24, 2010

7th outage....

This morning, while most people were either at their place of work or on
their way, there, the power went off, yet again, in Nyali.

Ringing KPLC got a sleepy response and the female at the other end took
sometime getting her wits about her and this was at 7.55 am! Maybe, she
didn't sleep well last night....?!

While the outages have reduced considerably, it is not good enough. Does
it mean that everytime it rains heavily, we are going to miss power?

For KPLC's information, when these outages happen in a place where it is
dark, yes even during the day, they can cause accidents when sight
impaired people can get hurt. Who would be responsible for any injuries,
so caused? Would KPLC be willing to pay expenses?

Please, improve your services.

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