Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your 'service'

Since yesterday morning, I've ordered a couple to things from 'New' KCC,

but, they have not been delivered till now. Why?

I've called a number of people who deal with deliveries - Mr. Dancan,
0720473535, to whom I gave the order and he assured me that it would
delivered in 2 hours! This was yesterday at 8.15 am. When the two hours
were past, I called him again and again and again all through the day,
but, he seemed to be helpless (till this morning), in getting the job done.

But, before I go on I also called a Mr. Mburu - 0722316479 who is now
the manager in Mombasa. Somebody, who claimed that he was not Mr. Mburu,
but, refused to give me his name answered this number and then hung up.
Subsequent calls were disconnected. So, out of desperation, I called Mr.
Opudo who used to be the manager in Mombasa before he was transferred to
Nairobi. He, too, tried calling Mombasa's contacts, but, could not, I think.

Now, to go on with my misadventures regarding NEW KCC... All through the
day, yesterday, I kept calling Mr. Dancan, who seemed to be helpless in
doing anything about getting my orders to me.

So, this morning, I called him, again, to be given another number of a
person called Ogolla - 0724777489, who, he said was in-charge of
deliveries in my area (Nyali). Well, I called this number and found that
I already had it on my phone under the name of John! This John told me
that he was on his way and would show up in about an hour's time, i.e.
at about 11.00 am. When he did not, I called again, and this time I was
told that he was going to take only a few minutes since he was already
on Nyali bridge. He did not show up in those few minutes, of course.

After 12.00 pm, I called him, yet again, only to be told that he was
getting directions from somebody to my place. He never showed up. None
of these people seemed to take into account that my order was costing me
a huge amount in phone bills.

I eventually got my order delivered at 1.00 pm by a guy called George
who apologized profusely for the extreme delay and has given me his
number and promised that I should call him next time and he will not
only answer his phone but make sure that my order is delivered promptly
at the stated time.

While NEW KCC might have changed their name and added 'new' to it, there
seems to be very little new about their attitude to customers. They have
a problem keeping time and their word. Can they please change that, too?

Their various fixed line numbers at their website are all either out of
order or for some reason not working. Both Nairobi's and Mombasa's.

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