Friday, May 7, 2010

Starting to count..... 2nd Outage

The power went off yet, again, this morning at about 11.30 am and again,

phones were not answered. When one eventually was, a sleepy voice did
so, in a very bored manner. I think the KPLC should now apply for
toll-free numbers, considering their rising costs in bills and equally
rising cost of telephones, too.

In fact, everything is going up, except people's salaries and the cost
of living in this country with the amenities of 'civilization', is
slowly going beyond the hands of the average citizen. Our horrible and
unaccountable service providers including the politicians, it seems are
having it all, instead. The very people (wananchi), they are supposed to
'serve' are the ones suffering at these people's hands!

I have now, started a count on the number of outages we suffer, even in
a day and for how long, too. The one mentioned above lasted for about
half an hour. I wonder when the next one will be.....? Probably, in the
evening or late afternoon like yesterday, just when we're trying to
relax in front of the t.v.! When and if we do, I'll write, again with a
different number, of course, but the same heading.

Get your act together, KPLC. We suffer enough without you people adding
to it.

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