Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another outage

It seems that the latest outage here in Nyali was due to a branch from a

tree falling on the power lines. This lasted just over an hour but, of
course, it continued to go on and off at least a couple of times after

Oh and talking about trees - this will be another excuse for their
wrecking crew to go around chopping them off, I suppose. All in the name
of them getting in the way of power lines. I wonder how other places
manage to have their power still intact despite trees. Or are they
trying to tell us that it's either 'progress' without trees or we go
back to cave dwelling days - live without power, a supposed sign of

Again, nobody was answering their phones, including the emergency lines.
One wonders why they don't. Also, these people are beginning to practice
impunity like most of the other so-called service providers. Since they
have a monopoly of being the only providers of this commodity, like the
water, in this country, they know that they can get away with anything
short of murder. But, then, in this country, since we have very little
of law practiced and justice meted out, even murder is being got away
with here. One just has to pay the right amount to the right person!

While the KPLC continues to increase their rates to unbelievable
amounts, their services are deteriorating, too. Easy money.....? And so
they couldn't care less about the 'service' they give, since they can
hold the whole country to ransom by threatening to cut us off! They
already know this with their nearly daily outages all over the place.

By the way, what are they doing about sustainable, renewable energy in
the face of rising fuel costs? We have all the sun in the world and the
wind, too, not to mention wave power at the coast. Have they given these
a thought? Or are they too lazy, mentally and physically to put this
infrastructure into place? Or is their excuse going to be, 'we don't
have the funds', like the stuck record reply of the water providers? All
of these people, especially KPLC, charges us an arm, a leg and eight
pints of blood for the power they give us in fits and starts and very
unreliably, too.

Really fed up with KPLC.

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