Friday, May 7, 2010

3rd outage

My informants, i.e. my neighbours, while I was out, told me that the

power went off yet, again, at around 3.45 pm and came back after about
15 minutes!

As I have written earlier, I'm going to log every outage, everytime we
have one for KPLC to realize how many times they make us suffer and mess
things up. While this particular outage was, one would think, 'only' for
15 minutes, it can do untold damage if one is baking something for
example. Anyway, when the power goes off, we never know how long it will
be gone for. Even when our phones are answered by KPLC (very rare, these
days), they do not necessarily keep the times they tell us it will
return even if they know, which most of the times, they don't.

So, as far as the general power consuming public is concerned, whatever
it is that they were doing when it went off, it all goes to waste. This
is the damage and wastage that these persistent outages lead to. In
these times of economic hardship, KPLC, is continuously adding salt to
festering wounds. And they don't seem to care in the least and continue
to increase their tariffs to unbelievable amounts. That is all that they
care about, it would seem.

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