Sunday, July 20, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 29th reminder

As I write this, the neighbourhood tiny church next to Aga Khan Hospital's ICU, is, like nearly everyday, making the most obnoxious racket! What this priest derives out of disturbing the whole neighbourhood including those critically ill at the hospital next door, I fail to understand.

He's visiting torture on everybody other than himself and as far as I am concerned, he is a very selfish person. One does not expect a 'gentleman of the collar' to be like him, but, he truly is!

It is also time for my own prayers (I am a Muslim), to be said and I perform mine in a quiet manner with nobody, but God, hearing me and this questionable character is disturbing me in his selfish quest to be seen to be worshiping with his equally questionable congregation.

I also tried calling our questionable cops, but, they are of the belief that they will be cursed to perdition if they will ask these noisy followers of 'religion', to do their worshiping without disturbing everybody around them. Doesn't matter that there's a NEMA law passed in 2005, regarding noise. They are very averse in applying it, it would seem.

And therefore only God Almighty can help us, the suffering public, in helping us to maintain our sanity with such 'officialdom' around us!

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