Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emailing: One of the employees...., A customer from school..., Some adult customers..., The offensive tractor..., The fumes can be seen unlike the rac

The following attachments will give an idea about the noise and smoke that I, with other neighbours who have an objection, have to deal with every single day. Not to mention the racket that the mosque 5 times a day and the MWA Hall makes during the lunch time and over the weekends when it is hired for parties....., mostly weddings.

Please, find my further comments under the titles of the pictures, below...

One of the employees....

The eatery that one of my neighbours, has started and which is rapidly expanding, is having to employ many people some of whom persistently set off my car alarm as every given opportunity. What they get out of it other than harassment, is the question. And why would they want to harass me? And can't the employers (my neighbours who run that eatery), control their behaviour? Or is it with their full permission that they do this?

A customer from school...

A student from Mombasa Primary School who also with others, frequent this place over the lunch hour/s. But, while my neighbours run a business, they couldn't care less about how their customers behave. These kids from school are also instigated by another neighbour to persistently set off my car alarm every time they pass by it. In the end the battery runs down and the next time I have to use it, I have to either get it pushed started or get somebody to jump start it. Why?

Some adult customers...

Some of these adult customers are also no better than the younger ones. They, too, are perfectly capable of hitting the car to set off the alarm and disturbing not just me, but, the whole neighbourhood. These ones and the ones who run the eatery have a great objection to me taking their pictures. Have they ever thought about the objection I have when they continuously keep setting off the car alarm? Isn't their and the customers behaviour equally offensive to me? After all I'm not doing anything to them to warrant such an attitude, i.e., I'm not disturbing them in any way, so what is their problem?

The offensive tractor...

Then, every so often the truck park tractors and truck, etc., are revved at ear splitting levels, like this morning. It seems that this occurs at least once a week. While, the tractors seem to have stopped (for how long...?), for the time being, going out of the park, the same cannot be said of the lorry. This goes out every once in a while and comes back at any hour it pleases.

The fumes can be seen unlike the racket it's making

As the caption says, the noise being emitted have to be heard to be believed. When, they rev these things, it's very hard to be heard and one has to raise one's voice. Of course, if the phone rings then, having a conversation is something next to impossible, that is, if one can hear it ringing in the first place!

So, what kind of neighbourhood is this? And why isn't the Council to whom it belongs, i.e., the estate where we live, isn't taking some action? Is it because, they are the ones who have 'allocated' this parcel of land which is a road reserve to a private individual? Also, they are breaking their own by-laws by allowing such monstrosities in the middle of a residential area.

Hence, my assertion in yesterday's email, that we live in an extremely lawless country where the average citizen is hounded to unbelievable heights and nobody will take any action. Therefore, why do we have a government in the first place? To be paid disgustingly huge salaries and perks at the taxpayers expense for doing nothing?!

Can somebody give me an answer?

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