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Re: Garbage Dump Sites In Mombasa

Assalamu alaikum, Muneer!

What you say is so very true. They NEVER walk their talk!!!

I too, don't know if the guy got paid for his 5 page 'speech', but, he definitely got a free lunch;) Also, he got the opportunity to mingle with the other 'important' and moneyed members of our society where he tried to do his public relations activities for the next elections, 5 years, hence.

Like all of our politicians, this one too, hasn't missed out on the opportunity to do 'campaigning' for his future and continued presence in politics. The only thing they do is spew out hot air with no substance, i.e. their words don't take the same walk, if at all!

These people really make so very SICK!


Muneer Khandwalla wrote at 12:24 PM:

Their speeches depend on the audiences, for years they have been serving as officials, what do we see for all those years. BTW, do they get paid for going to these forums?

On 19/07/2008, Raziya wrote:

Hi Vinay!

Boy, you're so very right and I loved the tongue in cheek way you've made your point. I was sent the attached speech by KARA made by our Hon. Speaker of the National Assembly at KARA's 9th Quarterly Luncheon.

Check below what KARA's Stephen Mutoro has to say about it....

The Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA) wrote on 18-Jul-08 12:08 PM:

Dear All,

We hereby attach a powerful speech ably delivered by Hon. Kenneth Marende, Speaker of the Kenya National Assembly, at the KARA AGM last evening. It is on the theme, "Role of Parliament on Enhancing Public Service Delivery". The speech is a must-read. We recommend that you share it with your mailing list. We encourage your feedback.

We appreciate those of you who made time for our luncheon held earlier in the day. At the risk of offending the rest, we would like to single out Royal Media Services Ltd for special commendation following its live transmission of the 9th Quarterly Luncheon proceedings on Citizen TV. We take this very opportunity to applaud Loresho South Residents Association, Kenya Red Cross, The Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Kenya Wildlife Service, Centre for Multiparty Democracy and Safaricom Limited for sponsoring corporate tables. Thank you

Stephen Mutoro
Chief Executive Officer
The Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA)
Natu Court, Suite E-39, Ngong Rd/Ring Rd Kilimani Junction
P.O Box 1411-00100 GPO
Tel. 254-020-3874331, 3873828,
Telkom Wireless +254-020-2341515
Cellphones: +254725983445; +254733779585
KARA -"Together, We Will"
I Support "Amani Mitaani" - (Peace Within Neighbourhoods) Campaign

When you read the 5 pages of the attachment, one wonders what exactly the MP is trying to say and imply, for none of our so-called service providers really listen to us, the residents, do they? And when KARA talks about anything regarding neighbourhoods, they usually mean in relation to Nairobi and mostly up-country, if anywhere else. In fact, as I've previously suggested to Mr. Mutoro, they should change their name from Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA), to NARA - replace Kenya with Nairobi.

With regards to what our Hon. Speaker said..... not much of walking the talk, as usual.

Btw, not only does the non-action of our Council bring disease and other kinds of pests, human and otherwise, but, they also attract crows in large numbers. Have you noticed that we're, again, having a massive crow problem?

And with regards to my neighbourhood, the one you've mentioned in Kizingo, one of my neighbours has taken to running a very lucrative business of cooking food out in the open which, in turn, also attracts these flying pests. All this takes place right under the noses of the Council employees and ironically a stone's throw distance of an MP's palatial house as well as a Councillors! And none of these people do anything about it....

Then, our Speaker has the temerity to talk about service deliveries! What utter nonsense!!!

Thanks for sending me this write-up of yours,

Vinay - VISH Consultants wrote:

Dear Mr. Mutonya,

Having read your article in the Saturday Nation of 19th July titled Service Delivery, I feel that you have not done proper justice to either the Town Clerk or the Hon. Mayor.

Both these gentlemen are so competent and powerful that they have converted 2 residential areas into proper garbage dump sites (which apart from the stench, crows, rats and thousands of flies have attracted multitudes of human scavengers), almost right on to residents door steps. It seems that Public Health officials and the new Minister for Public Health are powerless to do anything about this.

One site is Ganjoni along the Archbishop Mackarious Rd. across the road from a nursing home. This dump is growing size everyday due to the efficiencies of the Town Clerk and the Hon. Mayor. The other is outside the Municipal flats in Kizingo near the Aga Khan Hospital. Both these sites have over 2000 residents living in the vicinity.

Maybe what they moved away from the main streets, they took into these residential areas so that disease and scum can spread more easily and effectively.

Once again our concern has been about foreigners and how they will percive us at the expence of our own people. Maybe we should urge the tourists to visit our residential areas and see how we live.

Maybe a complete and through investigative report into this might prove to be a better article to write in the newspaper about. Or better still, maybe we should just wait till 2030 and then (just like the coundil before the marathon last year) the authorities can go arresting residents for littering on their doorsteps.

Best Regards,
Concerned Resident.

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