Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Dear Phyllis,

Thanks for those further updates on what transpired, yesterday and who said what.

It's ironic that people like Hon. Mwahima, who has failed 'O' Levels is even in parliament and he even has the cheek to call people who question him and others like minded ones, 'children'. That's exactly what I was trying to tell the guy whom I met in the MD's office on Monday afternoon. That we are the ones who pay his salary and various other perks and therefore should remember that he's a 'servant' of the people - not the other way round.

When will these people ever learn this fact.....?

Like you, I'm very glad that Hon. Ngilu, read the current 'mood' of the residents and acted justly...., for once, Alhamdulillah.


Phyllis Muema wrote at 12:04 PM:

Dear Raziya,

As members of the civil society and aggrieved residents of Mombasa, its is actually saddening that Mombasa should remain the only city without a functional board. Failure by the Town Clerk and the Municipal Council entirely to recognize the provisions of the rules and the fact that we are in year 2008 where accountability of not just MONEY but also PROCESSES is critical. The citizens of this country are alert, thanks to the government for opening this democratic space where people who hold public offices must become accountable is now long overdue. The speeches given by the members of parliament who tried to down play this important petition are still living in those days. For Hon. Mwahima to call protesters 'children' was not just an abuse but also a display of ignorance on the current wave.

Thanks to Hon. Ngilu who understood the mood of mombasa citizens and put to a halt the 'big event'. The ministry is currently recognizing consumer voices and is working closely with consumers through the Water Action Groups to enhance accountability from the demand side and Mombasa policy and services providers need to be alert.


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