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The 173rd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - Emailing: A Municipal worker burning the garbage and grass behind our block of flats, Two passers b

Please, find my comments below, after the captions of the pictures.....

But, before that, I've been reading the most interesting reports from the Water Consortium members (I am one of them), who had a meeting with the many water bodies, in May 2008. One of these, the Coast Water Services Board was not represented at this meeting and the actions or rather non-action of this board makes one wonder if the people populating it are really accountable to the people whom they are supposed to be 'serving'!

Yet, it is surprising that MOWASCO, and it's board are the only ones who are being targeted when the Ministry of Water and Irrigation finds that Mombasa residents don't get water and the situation instead of improving is getting unbearable.

From what I understand of the various duties of these over abundant bodies who guzzle our precious funds, are supposed to be doing, is that, the CWSB, are the main culprits as they are the ones who are supposed to be improving on the water infrastructure. Why is it that they are never questioned?

Then, our redoubtable Council..... The way they work....., or don't work has to be seen to be believed. These photographs are just a microcosm of their 'activities' which are completely environment unfriendly. This Council urgently needs to be overhauled. They are corrupt and totally unaccountable. There is one question I would like to ask them since they are persistently complaining about lack of funds. When was the last time this Council had it's accounts audited?

They (the Council), are also allowing unplanned structures all over the place as well as, boreholes being sunk without any control, everywhere. One example is my estate. There is the continues racket from one being sunk as I write this and this is because they missed water at the front of their building and so are trying, yet again (3rd time!), at the back. This involves various environmental issues, of course, not to mention the quality of the water when and IF, they get to it.

Now, 'enjoy' the comments, below....

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A Municipal worker burning the garbage and grass behind our block of flats

This worker, the one with the cap, is busy clearing the hedge behind our flats and along which people throw garbage, too. This, he's set on fire with total impunity.

Two passers by engulfed in smoke...

A school kid and another man are walking past and inhaling the obnoxious fumes. This is interesting when one reads that just a day before, the Government applied a strict law on smokers of tobacco. So, while burning tobacco is a crime punishable by law, burning of garbage, etc., is not? Both these activities result in polluting our lungs and the environment. Therefore, why isn't action taken regarding this kind of pollution?

The 'resident' glue sniffer lolling against the truck park wall while the MCM worker collects branches and twigs to put into his mkokoteni

This glue sniffer has been given a place to sleep under our staircase by one of my neighbours. So, these neighbours have begun to change this estate, in which Council employees also reside, into a squatter area. All this happens under their very noses, yet, they have taken no action. Why?

The smoke from the garbage and bush burning finds a way into our flats despite the windows being closed!

This Council worker is collecting these branches and twigs and one wonders where he got his mkokoteni from, where he is putting them. And also what is he planning to do with what he has collected.... After all the neighbourhood 'kibanda' run by some more neighbours from downstairs use wood for cooking.... Therefore, is he planning to sell it to them or is unofficially doing work for them of collecting these for themselves?

The glue sniffer watching the clouds of smoke

This 'resident' glue sniffer is usually under the influence, anyway, and now he's 'entertaining' himself with the clouds of smoke.

And life and business continues as usual with none of the many 'organizations' mandated to do their work not doing anything to make a difference.

Will anything change in our lifetime? I wonder and doubt very much. And even if more 'bodies' are formed to supposedly alleviate our suffering, nothing will be done while our suffering will only increase. Therefore, why not simply our life and save precious funds by having only one 'body' charged with water delivery and infrastructure, for the residents to deal with?

Also, use these 'saved' funds by investing in a sea water desalination plant/s, one of the only viable solutions to Coast Province's rising water demands and climate change. Please, refer to my Water Petition of a couple of years ago where over 900 residents signed it.

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