Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emailing: This truck continues it's business...., every day!

The truck park continues to exist despite it breaking numerous Municipal by-laws and it being on a road reserve.

What is strange is that it is allowed to exist after all these years and 3 changes in government! This plot/s of land was 'allocated' to Nisha Printers in the mid 1990s and other then the Council writing a cosmetic letter to them in 2003 to abate being a nuisance to the neighbourhood and which they insolently ignored, have continued with their activities without let all these years.

The neighbourhood also has the employees of the Council living in the staff flats in the estate. This is the irony of our local authorities. That despite, in part suffering from their own 'actions', they don't lift a finger in applying the law. Why?


This truck continues it's business...., every day!

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