Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Re: Mombasa Water War is a battle of Political Supremacy

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Arthur, while I personally am quite agreed with you about the return of the water provision back in the hands of the Ministry, direct, don't you think that you've got your cart before the horse? The whole problem about water starts with the CWSB, whom you seem to be completely absolving of any hanky panky, though, they are the main guys who are supposed to lay the infrastructure, i.e. maintaining pumps, laying pipelines, etc., and are the ones who get all the lolly dolled out by the various funders.

How come you and your outfit are not asking them for an accounting of what they do with the funding they get as well as the amount they are paid by the MOWASCO for any water that is 'pumped' to them for distribution to us, the residents? It sounds very strange and vindictive of you as well as suspicious, that you keep harping on one company and one person in particular (is there a personal vendetta between you and Mr. Chitavi?), about money, though, you seem to be very averse in publicizing your two investigative sources' findings. Which two sources are these and what did they find?

If you remember, I wrote to you to let me know about this report about a week ago, but, you have not only not replied to my email but, have not even acknowledged it! Why?

While you're talking about transparency from others, could you please, also do the same with your allegations? Otherwise, you're beginning to sound like the very politicians that you are decrying....


ConsumerFirst Network wrote at 6:39 PM:


I am disturbed with what you mean civil. The issue of water may not need being civil because it is an issue of life and death. Whoever is involved in mismanaging the resource must not be protected under whatever the circumstances. When I predicted the failure of these commercial companies some people in the civil society laughed us off. I want to repeat that the companies have failed to project what the Kenya Government called the most reformed sector.

I am also disturbed that the water consortium instead agitating for the dissolution of the company - they are talking about the Board composition. If you are todate with the water debate in Kenya - I can assure you that as long as politics get on board, believe you me the issue will never cease to be a campaign tool.

As consumers we are guided by a principle that water is an entittlement and its access will only be gauranteed if the public is fully in control. And for that we call for the dissolution of the Mombasa Water Company and full return of NWCPC.


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