Saturday, July 12, 2008

Harassment by neighbours!

Every single day, as long as I'm at home, I get no peace. My various immediate neighbours and their 'friends', make sure that they continue to harass me at every opportunity.

First, by making noise.

Second, by cooking food for selling outside while they use charcoal or wood and all the smoke gets into my flat.

Third, by continuously setting off my car alarm at every given opportunity and disappearing inside their downstairs flats or into the stairwell or running away.

This last, results in my car battery 'dying' and the next time I want to go out (it is not everyday that I need to go out), it won't start short of being pushed or using jump cables using another car's battery. They, somehow, in their sick minds, derive a lot of warped pleasure in inconveniencing me with this in particular.

I have no idea what is the cause of this, though. Why they are harassing me in the first place? So, it must be that they are hooligans and are training their children and others to be the same way - to have no respect for others or their property. Then, they profess to be Muslims, too.

The police also, when I reported the matter to the OCS, Njeru earlier in the week, while promising to do something about it, unfortunately, are known for being lazy and corrupt and short of somebody being killed, cannot rouse themselves to prevention of crimes. Even, a murder rarely gets much action from them.

Therefore, in this country we harbour crooks and thugs like the ones who are my neighbours, who know very well that nobody will do anything about my making a formal complaint about them and their continued harassment.

So, do we live in a country which abides by laws and really bothers about the safety of it's citizens or in a lawless one? I've reached the conclusion that it's the later where nobody really cares what happens....., unless one is really moneyed and/or a useless politician!

Very ashamed to be called a Kenyan and FED UP!

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