Saturday, September 14, 2013

There seems to be no end....

For over a week now, we've been suffering outages in parts of Nyali nearly every other day if not everyday and even more than once in a day!

The interesting part of all this is that despite Kenya Power's 'shouting' from the bill boards and other advertisements all over regarding their so-called 'emergency' numbers, NONE of those numbers really work for us. They don't even ring!

Therefore, when the power goes, we have no way of informing this opaque company of the outage or be able to know when the power will be back or the cause of this latest outage.

The last time I wrote an email and then twitted the link to my blog, I got a response telling me that things would improve, soon.

I very much doubt this statement since our predicament has been going on for YEARS, now, with no particular end in sight.

In fact, a while back, I thought, these people had really improved only to realize a few days later that they are the same as ever - OPAQUE!

We had our latest outage just about 45 minutes ago which lasted approximately 7 minutes! But, of course, we didn't know of the duration. It could very well have lasted for hours, instead.

It goes in the dead of night, too, and lasts for hours!

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