Friday, September 27, 2013

On and on and on..... go our outages and fluctuations with no end in sight

Yesterday, 25th Sept 2013, we, in Nyali suddenly lost power just before 10.30 am. Of course, nobody was answering their phones except for one person who has promised me that he would answer and he did. Thank God!

At first, I was told that the reason for the outage was a burnt transformer outside their sub-station. When I passed there a few minutes later, there was nobody from Kenya Power doing anything there.

Just shows that among many negative things, they can also lie.

Anyway, this particular employee who was good enough to give me his number and kept his word about answering my calls kept telling me that we would get our power back very soon. 

Unfortunately, we did not! We got our power back after 7.00 pm and this time the reason given was the trucks that frequent Kongowea Market and keep hitting into KPLC poles!!! 

Now, was this really the truth? One can never tell since the earlier transformer one was definitely not.

How can one believe anything these people tell us? So what was the real reason for the hours and hours long outage?

Then, early this morning around 5.45 am, the power went off, yet again, less than 12 hours after the nearly day long one of yesterday. It took a whole hour before it came back. Why had it gone?

Around mid-day, we had a fluctuation where those who have voltage regulators, will switch off everything that is connected to these devices. The thing was on orange for quite a few minutes. Why?

Also, I've been told that our area of Nyali is going to be having a so-called 'maintenance' outage for the whole of tomorrow, Friday! 

These constant outages, fluctuations and supposed 'maintenance' outages are really becoming too much for us. 

When will our misery end....., if ever? Why is Kenya Power such an infuriating, monopolizing company?

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