Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Re: The T-Junction at Cinemax, Nyali

Since my email below to 'officialdom', nothing seems to have changed (as expected), since the supposed officialdom cares two hoots for the community they claim to serve.

They seem to be least concerned with the frustrations that their extremely useless new 'traffic law' has caused to countless residents.

And if you've read some of the comments on LinkedIn regarding this issue, you will find that most people are so tired and fed up with our so-called 'servants' of the people (they are more like 'servants' of the high and mighty and well connected), that they expect all the negative reactions to this latest insanity!

For example imagine the mental and physical condition of a resident (who has a vehicle which quite a few people in Nyali have), after battling with the late afternoon traffic from work in town who finally arrives on the Nyali Rd., and thinks he/she is on the last stretch home and remembers that s/he needs some bread and milk from Nakumatt. So, s/he turns right at the Cinemax junction. After getting the required stuff, tiredly stands in the long line at the cashier to pay and then gets in the car and drives out the gate to turn right and join the main road to carry on further along the road to get home.... 

Instead what happens? There standing in front of him/her in the middle of the road, this intimidating 'official' human (?!), telling this very exhausted driver to go back to the Rockwall junction and re-join the traffic jam there. In the process s/he will waste another, at least half an hour if not more to get home with very frayed and frustrated nerves.

And you might ask why? All because, some two businesses (as rumour has it), have taken it upon themselves to pay our questionable council to re-arrange the traffic flow for their own personal ends without a shred of planning involved as to the logistics that this selfish action will involve!

These people have only to observe how many drivers really 'obey' their daft rule when there is no intimidating presence of 'officialdom', and they will hopefully realize the stupidity of their new and very daft rule! 

The whole exercise is expensive - fuel wise, traffic wise and emotionally! I wonder if this will get through their collective heads.... whoever is involved..?

Very disgusted,

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 8:27 AM, Hemant Patel wrote:

Dear Razia,
                        Thank you for the well meaning e'mail. You have correctly described this new " most daft traffic rule" at junction of Total stn/ Mkomani and Cinemax. We admire your efforts to bring to the notice of 'administrators' of various departments of our county and Nation over the years even if it falls on deaf ears. Carry on good work. God bless you.
         Have a nice Day.
      Koki and Hemant
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Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2013 7:48 PM
Subject: The T-Junction at Cinemax, Nyali


Since the past couple of weeks, we, the residents of Nyali, have been treated to the most daft rule at the above mentioned junction.

This road which ends at another T-Junction at Total Petrol Stn/Mkomani, has no sign telling the vehicle users at that end that at the Cinemax end they will no longer be able to access the main Nyali road (join it), and if there are council askaris around they will be told in an unceremonious manner to turn around and go back the way they came and if they want to access the main road, they can now only do so at the Rockwall junction which was at the best of times a mess, anyway.

So now, instead of distributing the traffic at the above two junctions like before, we HAVE to use the Rockwall one ONLY! Increasing traffic jams which during peak times have a domino effect all the way to the bridge.

ALL vehicles HAVE to use this one and only junction whether one is going further into Nyali or towards the Bridge and away.

I wonder who was the genius who planned this...?!

Since our Council is not known for giving much thought to planning ANYTHING, this is one perfect example.

In fact, whenever, this (the Cinemax end), junction is not 'policed', every driver breaks this daft rule.

The boards, too, have been put up wrongly.

Why penalize the residents with such a roundabout way of getting home?

Did these 'planners' do a proper study of the logistics of this irritating and frustrating rule? I very much doubt it.

Please, undo this daft traffic rule and bring sanity back.


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