Friday, September 27, 2013

Re: On and on and on..... go our outages and fluctuations with no end in sight

Subsequent to my email below, we lost power for another couple of times and then, it went again at about 5.45 pm and didn't come back till 5 hours later!!!! Which would make it just before 11.00 pm (nearly midnight!).

Considering these horrors are going to do away with power yet again in a few hours time, i.e. supposedly 9.00 am for their so-called maintenance, I'm having to finish all my work at this hour of the night - midnight.

We, Kenyans, don't get enough rest and are constantly working and trying to make a living despite all the challenges that life in this 50 year old country throws at us. 

One of the culprits (and there are so many), is our useless power company which is constantly taking us to the dark ages. Is it any wonder that we're not developing as we should be?

Having electrical and electronic appliances are a joke. We hardly get to use their full potential before they die on us thanks to this awful power company and it's so-called 'services'. The only thing they 'service' are their bottomless pockets!!!

And as I said before - they are OPAQUE in the extreme.

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