Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kenya Power - the OPAQUE company!

Sharp at 6.30 this morning we lost power, again.

There seems to be no end to these unexplained, unwarranted outages for us at Nyali where this monopolistic power company treats it's long suffering consumers with total contempt.

None of their so-called engineers answer phones. Unfortunately, we have to call them in desperation since their numerous 'emergency' numbers don't even ring! 

They really should remove that huge bill-board that advertises these at the Nyali end of the bridge. How ironic that this huge board is one of the things that greets people as they enter this area, yet, it's all a fairy story.

Coming back to the latest outage of this morning... None of the numbers of their employees were being picked up till after over an hour had passed.

At this point, the senior person who answered told me that he was going to inform another colleague of his who lived in Nyali about it and I should expect a call from him soon.

That is another thing these people never want to commit to - give us a time frame that they operate under. Since this is a banana republic, our officialdom rarely adheres to time, hence our backwardness inspite of 50 years of Independence.

The only statement this senior manager kept repeating to me was that I should have patience. I think Kenyans have been exercising this for the past over 50 years and we are truly disgusted and fed up of constantly being told that we should have patience. Quite a few of us will die doing this and yet nothing will have changed.

Of course, I had no option but to wait for this other person to call me. After giving him more than half an hour, I called him myself and his response left me fuming.

The earlier guy either had not called him about the outage or he was pretending not to know what I was talking about. By this time we'd been without power for nearly 2 hours!!!! And he (the one who lives in Nyali), told me that he had power and so was giving the impression that we were imagining an outage...

He too, told me that he was going to investigate and come back.

Not only did he never come back, but, subsequently wouldn't answer his phone, which was also typical. 

After a total of nearly 3 hours of outage (close to 9.15 am), the first guy finally answered and repeated his mantra about patience without an explanation or apology for all the inconveniences they cause.

The power came back soon after this - just a few minutes short of a total of 3 hours!

How many more times are we going to suffer these outages and fluctuations....? And what causes them? Does this awful power company have an answer?

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