Sunday, September 1, 2013

Outages are back in Nyali....

Since Friday afternoon, parts of Nyali have been experiencing constant outages on a daily basis.

It would seem that Friday started it all when we had an outage from before 6.00 pm and which lasted till 10.30 pm. An outage which lasted nearly 5 hours without an explanation or apology as usual.

In fact, everytime I called the various numbers of engineers I have, I was told each time that it would be back in an hour or half an hour and finally the calls went unanswered.

Of course, their so-called much hyped and advertized from huge bill-boards all over - 95551 and the other 'emergency' numbers were all unavailable! What I mean by this is they didn't even ring!

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), we had another outage and it came and went, again, but no response from anybody from our pathetic power company, as usual. And then somebody from KPLC rings me this morning asking if I have power! Imagine, if I still didn't from yesterday afternoon, what would be the condition of the food, etc., in all these hours!!!! But, of course, they take their own sweet time responding as they couldn't care less.

This afternoon (Sunday), the same happened with the same non-response from the so-called providers of this commodity.

Why is it that while the ASK Show is going on, we, in Mombasa have some of the most terrible inconveniences like water shortages and power outages, yet, we spend (in Nyali), nearly a whole week of sleepless nights due to the constant racket from this contentious show-ground?

Was this show the cause of our 3 days of outages? And are these going to re-start in the days to come? And if so, what is the cause of them?

This power company operates in the most opaque and insolent manner, don't you think?

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