Saturday, September 7, 2013

The T-Junction at Cinemax, Nyali

Since the past couple of weeks, we, the residents of Nyali, have been treated to the most daft rule at the above mentioned junction.

This road which ends at another T-Junction at Total Petrol Stn/Mkomani, has no sign telling the vehicle users at that end that at the Cinemax end they will no longer be able to access the main Nyali road (join it), and if there are council askaris around they will be told in an unceremonious manner to turn around and go back the way they came and if they want to access the main road, they can now only do so at the Rockwall junction which was at the best of times a mess, anyway.

So now, instead of distributing the traffic at the above two junctions like before, we HAVE to use the Rockwall one ONLY! Increasing traffic jams which during peak times have a domino effect all the way to the bridge.

ALL vehicles HAVE to use this one and only junction whether one is going further into Nyali or towards the Bridge and away.

I wonder who was the genius who planned this...?!

Since our Council is not known for giving much thought to planning ANYTHING, this is one perfect example.

In fact, whenever, this (the Cinemax end), junction is not 'policed', every driver breaks this daft rule.

The boards, too, have been put up wrongly.

Why penalize the residents with such a roundabout way of getting home?

Did these 'planners' do a proper study of the logistics of this irritating and frustrating rule? I very much doubt it.

Please, undo this daft traffic rule and bring sanity back.

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