Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on the ASK Showground racket

Yesterday evening Mr. Ben Wemali ,from the local NEMA branch contacted

me and came to see me in person, too, regarding my previous issue about
garbage burning in the neighbourhood. But, fortunately, he also heard
first hand the racket that had already started at the Show Ground on the
stroke of 6.00 pm. When he came it had already been going on for an
hour, at least, and getting louder by the minute, too!

Ironically, people were headed to the mosque for prayers and it is an
insult that this useless racket went on insolently without a thought to
the surrounding neighbourhood as well as the Muslims among them who are
fasting. We also pray more during this holy month and do not appreciate
listening to garbage being spewed out in the name of music.

When I woke up at 3.00 am to pray and start my fast this morning, the
racket had been going on and on throughout the night spreading untold
misery instead of entertainment. And it carried on till 4.30 am! Is this
what we will have to put up with till this horrible show ends?

Mr. Wemali promised me that he was going to visit the showground last
night and do a survey of how many noise makers are actually there and
warn them of dire consequences if they don't lower their volume and take
the neighbourhood into consideration. He also promised me that from
tonight till the end of the Show, we would have peaceful nights...

I am waiting......

Btw, Mr. Wemali's number is 0721-287154 in case somebody wants to ring
him for any environmental issues. I just hope that he will answer your
calls......, and mine too, should the noise continue.

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