Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ASK showground racket - possible solutions...

After having suffered sleepless nights for nearly a whole week thanks to

the ASK Showground maddening racket, I have several suggestions from the
various residents (victims), and myself to this annual problem in the
middle of a mainly residential area.

There are also some observations included.

1. Since this is an agricultural show (basically), why include
deafening and 24 hours of music into it? In other words exclude the music.

2. If, it is not possible to do this, then, enforce a decibel level
which is acceptable to the mainly residential neighbourhood. Or, have
these offenders build themselves a soundproofed enclosed space.

3. And if even this is not enforceable and possible, then, move the
whole outfit out of this neighbourhood and take it to a less populated
place which is not within hearing distance of any populated place. For
now, this racket can be heard for miles/kilometers away from the source
e.g. the Island of Mombasa proper which is right across from English
point and can even be heard in Tudor, etc. At the North Mainland, it can
be heard very far, too.

Now, for the observations....

Is our Town Planning Dept. in working order? If so, are they not aware
that for people to live peaceful and productive lives, they should not
be mixing various things together. Like heavy commercial businesses,
night-clubs/bars, etc., within a residential area?

This Show ground is a very offending case in point as well as a shipping
office that has been allowed to set up shop round the corner from where
I live called Sea Bulk and which attracts huge articulated traffic which
is not meant for this side lane and are highly noisy and an obstruction
to traffic, too. Reporting this to the Traffic Police has not resulted
in any action. Maybe, the owners have 'connections'...?

RE the Showground noisy madness which NEMA was aware of from day one,
but, were completely helpless in dealing with. This, I was briefly told
was because the Showground management was not at all cooperative. In the
process we had to put up with their racket way into the very early hours
of Monday morning despite the Show itself having ended on Sunday. Why?
Is NEMA without sharp enough teeth? Or were they trying not to tread on
some 'interesting' toes by being 'diplomatic'?

So, can the Town Planners start putting their collective heads together
and come up with a viable solution, please?

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