Thursday, August 26, 2010

55th, 56th & 57th outages

Yesterday, though I was not home, I have my informers whom I've told to

keep track of the outages when I am not there, the power went off around
12.30 pm and came back after about half an hour. Since I was not there,
we have no idea why it had gone.

But, later in the evening within a space of less than 15 minutes, the
power went off twice. The outages were of a very short duration. It
seemed to me that as soon as i called either Mr. Musau's or Mr.
Mbaluka's phone, the power would come back. And they did not answer
their phones as is their wont of late. Maybe, when they found me calling
them, they switched the power back on, again!!! It seemed as though they
were waiting for me to call them.

In fact, I was talking with Ms. Faith Njuguna both times when I would
call her as I could not get through to the above mentioned two gentlemen.

I hope and pray that we are going to be able to spend an outage free
long weekend, Insha'Allah....

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