Friday, August 13, 2010

ASK showground racket carries on.....

It is with great regret that I am writing this. Despite having been

assured by Mr. Wemali day before yesterday and even yesterday evening
when I rang him as the noise started at 6.00 pm. He told me that he had
alerted the showground police to deal with it.

Unfortunately, it did not make an iota of difference in the noise level
or the timing. In fact, it carried on longer than the day before, for
our misery ended at 5.00 am this morning.

This insolent behaviour and ineffectiveness of the law bring many
questions to mind.

Why do we have so many laws when the people or organizations who are
supposed to apply them are totally helpless or are averse to doing
anything proactive about them when the need arises?

In this case, Mr. Wemali who represents NEMA seemed to be, and as far as
I and all the residents in the area who are affected by this racket, at
a complete loss as effective action is not being taken. Why? Then, why
make the noise pollution law? Because, we are no better off now after
it's inception than before? It seems to have made no difference.

Was this law passes for cosmetic reasons to placate somebody?

It seems that we are destined to get perpetual headaches, etc., while
this awful 'show' is on, i.e. till Sunday. So, all those who are being
affected by it - short of us all getting together and going to the
ground enmasse to demand quiet (which will probably and ironically,
instantly attract the riot squad), we, in this country live helpless
lives at the hands of lawlessness.

While we have umpteen laws the law upholders are never there for us!


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