Saturday, August 28, 2010

58th outage

Yesterday, when I got back home at just after 3.00 pm, I found there was

an outage. Making enquiries, I found that it had gone at 3.00 pm, a few
minutes before I got back.

I tried Mr. Mbaluka and then Ms. Faith Njuguna but, neither of them were
answering their respective phones. I tried emergency, too, but at first
the number was perpetually engaged and when I finally got through, I
talked to somebody called Hamisi who told me that they were connecting
us (whatever that meant, for are we not connected anyway, though, it's a
very questionable one, at that!). He also reassured me that the power
would be back in less than an hour.

Well, the 4.00 pm came and went but there was no sign of any light and
so I called Hamisi, again. Fortunately, he was still around and answered
and told me that it would be back any minute from then. It did come
back, eventually, but, I'm still in a fog regarding this particular outage.

And while I am talking of outages, I've been told by various friends who
live in different areas of Mombasa Island and one on Links Rd, near
Mamba village, that they had/have been without power since last Tuesday
night! How come? KPLC is getting completely unreliable and is on it's
way to becoming a pest! I pity those people and all the repercussions
that an outage of this long period would do to their various appliances
and the food, etc., in fridges, running out of battery power on mobile
phones and other nasty things. It is unacceptable!

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