Thursday, August 12, 2010

46th, 47th & 48th outage

After I wrote the email counting the outages to 45 and immediately that

I put it in my outbox to send it when the power was back, we had 2 more
outages one after another in a matter of seconds! Hence, the count has
not increased in leaps and bounds by 3 by this morning.

Early this morning, we had another outage at about 7.15 am and it lasted
about half an hour. Trying to find out what cause all these frequent and
very expensive outages, we do not get a satisfactory answer at all.

For example, Mr. Mbaluka yesterday called it a problem! Of course, it is
a problem and a very big one at that. But, this being a blanket word to
describe a multitude of reasons, does not help us to understand what
exactly is going on.

And why is it that when the ASK Showground is playing ear-splitting
'music' all through the night till the early hours of the morning, i.e.
4.30 am, we don't get an outage to give us some much needed rest from
that racket?

We require and demand some intelligent answers, please.

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