Wednesday, August 11, 2010

40th, 41st, 42nd, 43rd, 44th & 45th outage

I'm writing this on my battery power and so will not be able to send it

on till we get our power is back since my ISP connection is dependent on
our unpredictable power supply.

Since Monday early morning we've had power outages every day and this
afternoon it has come on and off at least 4 times! Ringing up the
various 'officials' including engineers at KPLC has not been at all
encouraging as I was told that it will become 'normal' after they have
solved their 'problem' - whatever that means....

They seem to have become overwhelmed with their unexplained problems
since quite a long time, now. Even after nearly 50 years of Independence
we have an unaccountable power supply, like, as mentioned many times
before, a typical banana republic.

As the spokes person for the NCRRA, we would all like to know if KPLC is
going to reimburse us for all the damage to our various businesses and
equipment that their so-called services do? It doesn't just go into
thousands of shillings but millions!!!

For now, they will typically have, the horrible ASK Show to 'blame' for
our many outages, I suppose. It is their favourite scape-goat. Also,
referring to my earlier email about the all night racket at the Show
Ground, why is it that the power is so reliable to these pests? They
never seem to suffer at the hands of our Kenya Weakness & Darkness.

They manage to disturb us without let all night without a single

Now, that Ramadhan has started, is this what is going to be happening
everyday, umpteen times a day? Do these people believe in a Higher
Authority (not a thick-headed politician, of course) - God? They are
inviting innumerable curses from the many fasting Muslims and all the
others, too.

Be very afraid of what you are sowing,

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