Saturday, August 14, 2010

Re: ASK Showground racket

After having spent a very disturbed night, I get the following email from our redoubtable Town Clerk, Mr. Otieno, this morning. Considering he has been getting my written complaints from Wednesday, the 2nd day of the Show, it's highly telling that it has taken him all this time to respond and this too does not mean that we will have a peaceful night, tonight, either.

This reply of his is as cosmetic as NEMA's noise pollution law - it is applied when convenient, if at all.

Yesterday afternoon at about 4.00 pm, the noise started and continued without let till after 5.00 am this morning despite Mr. Wemali from NEMA giving me a Mr. Godfrey's cell phone number who was supposed to be policing the Show ground area. When I called his number, the computer prompt kept telling me that it had been switched off and when I eventually got through to him hours later, he accused me of not reporting to him earlier. He at least, had the decency of apologizing when I told him that I had been doing exactly that since hours ago, but his phone had been switched off!

Anyway, another couple of hours later, the noise had not abetted even a bit, and so I called him again as I could not sleep. At that time he told me that he was still on his way to the show ground!!!! I wonder where the guy was to take him HOURS to get here? But, despite that the noise continued till into the early hours of this morning.

Therefore, I have reached the conclusion that with the inclusion of our Town Clerk and NEMA as a whole, there is a suspicious attitude of delaying tactics and their favourite statement when you push them into doing something about the racket is that we should have patience. I personally think that Kenyans are very FED UP with this passing the buck statement for it makes us feel guilty about a very legitimate grievance when we are told to have patience. Why should we be told this? We are definitely not being impatient for we have put up with this infringement on our rights for many years and now that there is a law regarding it, we are demanding that it be applied in every instance and promptly. The matter about patience does not even arise.

So, with one and a half days for this horrific show and it's noise to be over, Insha'Allah, I wonder what these various so-called 'officials' will do about this remaining time...?


On 8/14/2010 9:03 AM, Tubmun Otieno wrote:

Dear Raziya,

Thanx for ua sentiments on noise making at the Show groung,I will certainly raise it wi authorities concerned .

Tubmun Otieno

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