Friday, March 14, 2008

Subscribers BEWARE!!!!

Countrywide, Kenyans and others, of late have been experiencing unplanned outages and fluctuations with their electricity services.

When one reads the newspapers and are being informed that KPLC has recently connected their millionth customer, it makes me wonder what kind of service these people are in for. Some of the shoddiest, most likely and they will be spending quite a time in darkness or getting frustrated when many of their electrical appliances (especially the expensive ones!), start packing up on them due to these people's horrible 'service'.

So what if they've connected the millionth or more customer. Do they believe in quantity or quality? They are just trying to impress the public, yet, they have very little to show for how efficient they are. One example being that this area, like many others, hardly ever spends any given 24 hours without an outage or a surge/fluctuation in our power delivery. Why this is so, is quite a mystery. Can somebody enlighten us, please?

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