Thursday, March 13, 2008

Incessant NOISE!!!!

Last night at around 8.15 pm when the neighbourhood mosque had just finished it's noisy prayers, another neighbour who has a terrace on the rooftop, suddenly started playing the Holy Qur'an on their huge speakers! This was being done with complete disregard for the rest of the neighbourhood, all of which is not of the Muslim faith. This is not the first time, either that this place has organized loud functions. And even if they were, e.g. this writer is one, it is very offensive to disturb and forcefully make others listen to our holy scriptures, as we too would not like to be forced to listen to others'.

One of these examples is the neighbourhood church right next to the Aga Khan Hospital (ironically), which is constantly disturbing the peace every single working day during the lunch hours. There is loud music and lamenting going on there.

While this is going on, the neighbourhood contentious mosque then, gives it's call to prayer which, while legitimate, leading of prayers so loud that they are heard outside it, is not. But, this Imam like many others seems to be incapable of understanding this difference. That it is not valid to follow prayers outside the mosque and therefore, he has no valid reason to be heard outside. The way he is leading them at present, one would be forgiven for thinking that he was not really leading the whole estate in prayers but only the ones in his small mosque!

As this month Muslims will be celebrating without consensus of opinion, the Holy Prophet's (pbuh), birthday, I wonder how many of these people will actually be following his teachings?! Like this neighbour of ours, yesterday, who couldn't have cared less for the disturbance to the rest of the neighbourhood as this racket, yes, I will call it that, carried on till 11.00 pm! Did any of these people give a thought to the august person's teachings whose birthday they were purportedly celebrating? He would have been totally against what they were practicing!

Then, I've noticed that the more people give the impression that they are 'religious', their actions belie their beliefs. One example being the recent and on going tribalistic warmongering. Shouldn't our religious leanings have led us to more peaceful options?

And why do we have to force others to listen to our religious 'services'? Are we just trying to make a show to people about how religious we are? According to Islam this is not acceptable to Allah! For those Muslims, who are going to be offended by this email, please, refer to the Holy Qur'an and the Seerah of the Holy Prophet.

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