Thursday, March 27, 2008

Calling cards... and the disabled

I don't know if anybody has had similar problems but, Telkom Kenya's calling cards are very unfriendly to the visually challenged!

After one has scratched off the the number and password is barely visible as they are written very faintly (as though their machines are running out of ink!), and on a background or green. Therefore, the contrast is not good enough for the numbers to been properly visible. Add to this, if the scratching off is not done very gently, the numbers themselves start getting scratched off!

This is really awful. Fortunately, one can then dial the toll-free number and get help from whoever answers by giving the serial number of the card and getting the right numbers, again. But, all this boils down to a lot of wastage of time. It would help matters if these numbers were written in bold print and people with visual impairment kept in mind.

Why do we, in this country, only cater for very fit people and totally forget about the many and variously disabled in our society? Starting from buildings to 'services' provided, nobody even gives a thought to the many disabled in our country?

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