Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matatu menace....

There is one very simple and possible solution to our very pathetic public transportation.

This is to phase out all 14 seater vans as well as the medium sized ones and have the many stakeholders including the government, invest in proper big buses. Some decades ago, Hungary had sent a couple of these buses which did the rounds in our major cities and towns 'advertising' their advantages, i.e. carrying many passengers while not clogging our streets, very efficiently.

In fact, these kinds of buses are in operation nowadays all over the developed world for specifically to address similar issues such as ours. So, why try to re-invent the wheel?

Please, get rid of all these little monsters and invest in proper organized public transportation which will even encourage the car using public to NOT use their cars and further unclog our roads.

Of course, the drivers and conductors of these buses will have to be re-trained on how to drive lawfully and with courtesy on our roads and treat the passengers as kings, queens, princesses and princes! The present species are some of the most horrific and creepy creatures around.

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