Sunday, March 16, 2008

Noisy weddings..

I cannot understand the organizers of these functions. They hire the Mombasa Women's Hall which is right next to Aga Khan Hospital and within hearing distance of another, Pandya Hospital, too, and then, play music at ear-splitting volumes!

Unfortunately, most of this species, belongs to the Muslim community and they carry on and on till the last possible time of 11.00 pm. Sometimes they carry on till morning!

As I write this, and it's past 9.30 pm, there is one such wedding going on there and despite the police going there to tell them to reduce the volume, it has had no effect. In fact, instead of reducing, they have increased the volume as if in defiance.

I wish, that some of these merry makers will suddenly pass out there and end up as patients at one of the two hospitals, preferably, Aga Khan and that too, in their I.C.U. section which happens to be right next to this hall. Then lets see how they enjoy their noise!

Then, tomorrow is a working day. How are these merry makers going to be going to work (if they even do so), and be productive? No wonder we have sleepy and don't care people out there with whom the public has to deal.

These people are some of the most uncivilized and selfish in the extreme. Considering they are supposed to be so-called Muslims, where in their religion are they allowed to first, hold such lavish weddings, two, have music in them and three, also have it so loud that it should disturb others some of whom are very sick people in the neighbourhood not to mention children and the elderly.

While they will shout and yell from the rooftops claiming to be the followers of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), and they also celebrate his birthday during this month, it's so strange that they display not an ounce of his teachings in their behaviour. For, he would not have approved of ANY of their strange practices nowadays.

If only these so-called Muslims would, instead of celebrating this August man's (pbuh), birthday, remember what he stood for and remind themselves about his teachings, it would be better for them... No wonder that they are some of the most despicable and awful creatures on earth because, they have quit doing this.

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