Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 158th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

I really have no idea why we still don't get water. And no investigation has been done about why, while we still have meters, the water, doesn't pass through. Hence, my calling it 'phantom', like the bills that we rec'v every month without fail!

Recently, the media reported that the Water (dis)Services Board is putting down a new pipeline from Mzima Springs directly to Mombasa and that it will take about 3 years to do this. But, this is no big news. They have been singing this song since the launch of the CRCs last year in May. Then, one of their spokesperson, a Mr. Kai, confused issues later, after 6 months during the follow up that the Water Consortium held at Town Hall with the Council and other service providers in the Water and Sanitation sector. He told us that it will take 5 years!

What mathematical geniuses we have at the Water Board! Either way, how does this translate into us, residents getting this precious and life-giving commodity? What are we supposed to survive on in the interim period?

Remember, what I've previously written about the water kiosks and the bore-holes/wells. These, are extremely profitable businesses that very questionable people are minting money with. Who is benefiting? I strongly suspect some of the employees in the water sector....., including and especially the Board, too. How much money is being lost in revenue? Because, just yesterday, I was told by another newly arrived resident of Mombasa that he had got his water meter disconnected as there was no point in keeping the offending thing around! Let me assure him that he will still be getting his bills without fail unlike the water, every month!

Therefore, can the bloated water board and company, please investigate why we're not getting a drop of water through our pipes while others down this hill, are?

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