Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Last minute campaign NOISE!

As far as I know, these people (the campaigners), who are, should people vote for them, are not supposed to disturb the peace at this time.

But, my nasty neighbours, one trying to vie for the Kisauni parliamentary seat and the other a Councillor's, have scant regard for law and order. They play their music so loud that it's deafening and one can hardly hear themselves think as the adage goes.

Add to their insolence our police force's attitude when they are called. They take their own sweet time getting to the place. Probably waiting for the things to calm down or are ringing their buddies (these people definitely know many cops as they were reservists, once upon a time), to warn them of neighbours complaining about their racket.

In fact, as I write this, there's a party situation downstairs in the backyard of the would be Councillor's place with his children dancing and adding to the noise. It is also nearly half an hour since I called the OCS, but, there's no sign of them, yet. I've already called him at least 3 times and his excuse the last time was that he cannot just get here pronto as soon as somebody rings him!

I truly dread any of these people getting elected. If so, then, God help us, because, their insolence and celebration will know no end. And then our reluctant cops will have even more averse about taking any action as they will then be 'honourable'!

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