Thursday, December 27, 2007

The 147th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

While you might have thought that I 'forgot' to write a 'reminder', last week, I didn't. That one was not entitled as a reminder, but, was a comment on an article with picture published by Coastweek.

Therefore, to continue from that email....

I wonder if that 'leaky' pipe has been fixed, yet? If it still hasn't the excuse will be that most people in this country cannot even think let alone act during the month of December. Especially, after Independence Day 'celebrations' where I cannot understand what we are really celebrating. Corruption? Or ruining our infrastructure, even that left by the British? Where no service delivery works faultlessly? Where the residents of a major urban centre still buy water from water kiosks like their counter-parts in rural areas? Drive on atrocious roads? Where garbage cans overflow and most sewage is released untreated into the sea? Yet, they collect money for all of these so-called 'services'!

After over 40 years of Independence we would (even the rural areas), expect to be having piped clean water, but, no. Of course not! This is what happens in a typical 'banana republic', which we have become. In fact, this year and today in particular, it's election day and therefore, most of our recycled politicians who have been spewing hot air all over the countryside begging for votes of the electorate, have reduced this country into a place where people think in tribes and/or a particular class and in the process we make little progress or none at all.

So, while we have another election where nearly all the wrong people will get elected for all the wrong reasons and clocked another year since Independence (though we are still dependent on the World Bank and IMF), our waterless state continues getting worse.

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