Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Charcoal sellers saga, continues.....

I would have taken a photograph of the Mitsubishi Canter that is at present off-loading the sacks of charcoal. But, will and cannot do so due to reasons that you will read shortly. They will take at least 2 hours to do this and I have just rung the DCIO Mr. Tebeny on his mobile giving him the Canter's no. KAY 034A. I hope and pray that this time something will be done about this in a proper manner and my 'activities' of informing officialdom do not go in vain, considering that just last Tuesday this Charcoal dealer's mother, tried pushing me down the stairs. Fortunately, this happened in front of 3 witnesses, two of whom were my visitors from Canada.

We went to report this latest incidence of direct threat and intimidation, to the police where we all wrote our own reports, signed them and I was given the following OB number - 67/11/12/07. When we returned home after a couple of hours (this the cops don't know), we found a black polythene bag inside kept on the other side of the gate at the top of my staircase. It contained a dead cat! It was 'freshly' dead as it hadn't started smelling, yet. So, I just disposed of it, though, the same 3 witnesses saw it, too, and after having experienced our cops attitude earlier, didn't bother reporting it.

This can mean several things to different people, but, who and why was this cat's corpse deposited within my gate?

Will the people concerned now take the necessary action....., even on a Saturday afternoon when they are trying to enjoy their weekend, off? I hope and pray that somebody dedicated enough will do so, this time round.

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